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Coitus Interruptus (Withdrawal)

Coitus interruptus (withdrawal) is a well used contraceptive technique. With this method intercourse takes place until ejaculation is about to occur, at which point the male pulls his penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates (comes) to keep sperm…

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The Rhythm Method

Couples who use the rhythm (“safe time”) method abstain from intercourse or use another form of birth control during the fertile time in the woman’s menstrual cycle. <a href=" go to these" target="_blank">Read a book about the rhythm method…

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Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness methods of birth control require a relatively stable ovulation cycle relying on the identification of a woman's fertile and infertile days to accurately determine her cycle by charting her body temperature and mucous discharge on a daily basis.…

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Abstinence has been utilized for thousands of years as a form of birth control. Abstinence means abstaining from vaginal intercourse and intimate sex without intercourse can provide great fulfillment. Forms of sexual intimacy can be: holding hands hugging kissing mutual…

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