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Dental Dams

The dental dam is a square piece of thin latex used to prevent the transmission of STDs when oral sex is performed on a woman. Dental Dams are available here.The dental dam is stretched across a woman’s vagina to prevent exchange of bodily fluids. The dental dam itself is not lubricated, but a water-based lubricant on the vagina side of the dental dam may be useful to keep the dental dam in place and to increase sensation.

protection against STD's including HIV allergic reaction to latex or lubricant (a polyurethane type is also available for people allergic to latex)
low health riskmay interrupt foreplay
easily accessible dulls sensation (KY jelly placed on the inside of the tip improves feeling)
latex used with spermicide blocks and may kill sperm and STD'sallergic reaction to spermicidal
can protect against infection, herpes and genital wartsirritation from condoms
effective when used with other contraceptives oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline can make holes in latex condoms

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