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Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness methods of birth control require a relatively stable ovulation cycle relying on the identification of a woman’s fertile and infertile days to accurately determine her cycle by charting her body temperature and mucous discharge on a daily basis. Consistent and accurate records have to be kept especially when ovulation and periods occur. Natural Family Planning users do not have intercourse during fertile time unless pregnancy is desired. Any unpredictable irregularity in the cycle can carry the risk of pregnancy. For more information you may like to read a good book about natural birth control and getting pregnant.
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Ovulation and fertility kits.

This works well for some couples, but needs to be properly taught and scrupulously followed.

no major health concernstemperature and mucus must be checked every day
helpful in planning pregnancydifficult for women with irregular cycles
no prescription neededstress, illness, lack of sleep douches or vaginal infection can affect fertility indicators and body temperature
difficult to abstain from intercourse during fertile periods

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