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When discussing human sexuality it is very difficult to neatly slot into little compartments all the complexities associated with individual sexuality and needs. Within the attraction of man to woman, man to man, or woman to woman, lies a whole spectrum of complex sexual and emotional affinities. Everyone is seeking closeness, ardor, warmth and love. All human relationships depend on the individuals within it, and not on restrictions imposed by society.

Some men...
Gay Lovers
  • Want sex with other men as a permanent part of their lives
  • May be curious about male bodies
  • In their life may experience an attraction to the opposite sex
  • Feel equally attracted to men and to women
  • May enjoy looking at men’s bodies without desiring sexual contact
  • Prefer the company of other men for leisure or work in an all-male environment
Some women...
  • Feel and do all these things with other women
  • Are usually very loving with close friends without going further than cuddling
  • Become lesbians out of a genuine sole attraction for other women
  • May feel very dissatisfied with a male-dominated society
  • Find men unsatisfactory as lovers or as partners on an emotional level
  • May be very emotionally involved with a member of their own sex and wish to express their feelings through sexuality

There are so many varying shades of grey within society and social mores that it often makes it difficult for an individual to express their sexual needs.

One man in three has had some form of homosexual experience resulting in orgasm (Kinsey Report). Homosexual encounters between men usually begin in foreplay and end in orgasm, and some men find the lovemaking much less rigid than lovemaking between a man and a woman and both partners usually always reach orgasm. Sex with other men is often thought to be liberating as there are no rules or pressure to perform or satisfy the other person, and men understand each other’s bodies better.

Some men have more honest and straightforward sexual relations with male partners both physically and emotionally, than with women. Also a lot of homosexual men get a great deal of physical and emotional satisfaction from being penetrated, which is not available in a male/female sexual encounter. Hygiene should always be the first priority in any act of anal penetration, as disease is easily transmitted in this way.

People are usually never completely ‘straight’ or completely ‘gay’ throughout their lives, especially during adolescence. Often homosexual experimentation takes place. Few people can truly say that they belong exclusively to either extreme. Statistics list 1 in 10 as exclusively gay or lesbian, while others fall in the bisexual category. The sexual orientation which is best for a given individual is the one which she or he is most comfortable with. The sexual choices of others should be respected.

Try reading the book “The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex: A Medical Handbook for Men” by Stephen E. Goldstone. More on this book. Alternatively, the book “Bi Lives: Bisexual Women Tell Their Stories” by Kata Orndorff. is another read that may be worth while.

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