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If you think you have an STD

If You Think You Have An STD:

  • Do not be be embarrassed
  • Get help immediately
  • Call the Health Center and make an immediate appointment
  • Do not have sex until you have been tested or are sure you are cured (usually indicated by two negative follow-up tests)
  • Inform all your recent partners personally
  • Before accepting treatment, make sure you understand what you are taking and for how long, the side effects and any follow-up tests or treatment required

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In most cases antibiotics can cure bacterial STDs. They are not, however, effective in fighting viral infections such as herpes. No matter what treatment is followed, curing an STD does not provide immunity against future infection.

If you are sexually active in anything but a totally monogamous relationship, you have a good chance of getting an STD. You can also get some of these diseases (such as genital warts or syphilis) without sexual contact at all.

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