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Positions for pregnancy


This position puts no pressure on the woman’s abdomen and is suitable for the most advanced stages of pregnancy.

How To Do
  • The woman lies comfortably on her side and the man enters her from behind fitting his body closely to hers
  • The man can cuddle up close and caress her breasts while kissing her shoulders and the nape of her neck

This position is ideal when the woman starts to feel uncomfortable with the man’s weight pressing down on he. It also protects her belly from over-enthusiastic thrusting.

How To Do
  • The woman kneels on the bed with legs spread wide falling forwards as the man enters her from behind
  • The man can then caress her back and control the depth of thrust

This is a good position for the middle months of pregnancy when other positions have become uncomfortable.

How To Do
  • The woman sits astride the man’s lap and supports herself with her arms
  • The woman moves up and down on top of him

In this rear entry position, the woman lies face down with the man on top of her. She spreads her legs and he supports his weight on his arms.

How To Do
  • If she raises her bottom off the bed slightly, perhaps with the aid of a pillow under her hips, then it will be possible to achieve deeper penetration.
  • The man can also lie with his full weight on his partner, from which position it is easy to roll into ‘spoons’.

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