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Protection from STDs

You can protect yourself from acquiring an STD in a number of ways:

  • Talk to your partner about STDs before having sex
  • Ask if he or she has been exposed to any STDs

Look carefully at your partner’s body and should you notice any unusual:

  • discharge
  • sores
  • bumps
  • redness

and you think your partner may have an infection refrain from intercourse until the condition is taken care of.

Safety Procedures
  • Use a dental dam or cut condom during vaginal oral sex (cunnilingus)
  • Use a latex condom during penile oral sex (fellatio)
  • Use a spermicidally lubricated latex condom during intercourse
  • Consider using vaginal spermicide as well
  • Many STDs are largely asymptomatic so caution is important when choosing a partner
  • Condoms are not foolproof but are the best choice for protection from infection during intercourse
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