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The contraceptive sponge contains nonoxynol-9 which is the spermicide used in many vaginal foams, suppositories, and jellies. It is made from a soft, round polyurethane sponge with a cloth ribbon attached to one side and an indentation on the other.

It stops conception in two ways:

  1. Due to its absorptive qualities the sponge acts as a barrier trapping sperm keeping them inside and hindering their passage through the cervix
  2. The sponge releases a spermicide continuously over a 24-hour period immobilizing or killing the sperm

It should be used with a condom to protect against the transfusion of STD’s.

*The sponge has not been available in the US since 1994

no major health concernsmay not fit all women well
no medical examination neededmay cause itching, irritation
no prescription neededmessy or difficult to use
effective for 24 hours

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