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The Female Condom


The female condom is a disposable sheath made of colorless odorless polyurethane and was designed about 10 years ago to protect a woman from pregnancy and STDs by lining the vagina. Not sure where you can get a female condom? Click here

An inner ring covers the opening to the uterus and sits over the cervix and an outer ring lies flat against the labia covering the outside of the vagina to stop sperm from entering. Before intercourse the inner ring with the closed end is inserted just up past the pubic bone (a couple of inches inside your vagina) leaving the open outer ring outside of the vagina.

How To Use

Some women put it in place while lying down, others while standing with one leg on a chair, and others while squatting. Insert it by doing the following:

  • Hold the closed end of the female condom (the tip) feeling the ring inside it
  • Squeeze the ring between your fingers and open up the lips of your vagina and insert with your other hand
  • Push the squeezed ring inside and up to the top end of your vagina
  • Put two fingers inside the female condom and use them to push the inner ring as far into the vagina as it will go so the whole vaginal cavity is snugly lined
  • Make sure that the outer ring now covers the opening of your vagina
  • It comes ready lubricated for easy insertion and no spermicide is necessary

The penis has to be guided into the sheath as it is easy to mistakenly put the penis outside the condom, but after intercourse there is no need for immediate withdrawal, as the man may stay in the woman, unlike with traditional condoms.

To remove the condom after sex:

  • Twist the outer ring to keep the semen inside
  • Pull the condom out gently
  • Wrap and dispose of it in a bin

The female condom:

  • Must only be used once
  • Must not be used with a male condom as they will stick together and tear
  • Condoms of all varieties, shapes and sizes, can be purchased online or from your local pharmacy
protection from pregnancy and STD'sinformation on effective use is somewhat limited
penis need not be erect for pouch to be insertedsheath may move
o need for immediate withdrawalsheath may be noisy or uncomfortable
Must be used correctly every time

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