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Tubal Ligation in Women

Tubal Ligation in Women (also known as Voluntary Sterilization)

A tubal ligation is an operation in which the Fallopian tubes (where the egg is fertilized by the sperm) are blocked making egg transportation and fertilization almost impossible. Menstruation should not be affected by the operation. Every year thousands of women choose to have this procedure carried out although it is not recommended for women under 30 or women who have not had children.

Before undertaking sterilization the issue should be discussed at great depth with your partner and doctor who will inform you about any risks. You have to be absolutely sure that you will not regret the decision later on in life as once you are sterilized you cannot have any children as it is rarely reversible.

Although tubal ligation has a very high effectiveness rate it is not quite 100 per cent effective against pregnancy. The risk is estimated at one in several hundred women. This page outlines general information to consider when permenant birth control is an option, please click here if you would like to read further information.

What Happens
  • A gynecologist will usually perform the procedure
  • A general anesthetic will usually be given and the operation may possibly be done laparoscopically (a laparoscope is a thin metal ‘telescope’ that is passed through a tiny incision in the tummy to let the surgeon see your tubes)
  • An instrument is inserted through another small cut and this instrument places a clip or ring on each tube.
  • An operation where the Fallopian tubes are actually cut is less common these dayas. This is carried out through an incision in the abdomen or through the vagina.

Some possible problems after sterilization occurs can be:

  • mild bleeding or infection right after operation
  • negative reaction to anesthetic
  • bruising where the incision is made
  • very rare injury to blood vessels or bowels
no need to worry about birth controlrarely reversible
sex is not interruptedfor some women post sterilization periods are heavier
sexual pleasure is not decreased and hormone production and libido should remain the samesome pain shortly after operation
some change their mind and regret not being able to have children

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