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Vasectomy in Males

After careful consideration, any man can choose to be sterilized by having a vasectomy, although it is not recommended for very young men or those without children. The doctor will tell you how the sterilization procedure works and inform you of any risks involved. Both procedures require surgery but a vasectomy is a simpler procedure than the sterilization of women. The man must make absolutely sure of this before he goes ahead in terms of not being able to father children. Although it is possible to have a vasectomy reversed this procedure is frequently unsuccessful.

What Happens
  • A vasectomy is an operation which separates the tubes between the testes and penis.
  • Ejaculation can still occur even though there is no sperm in their semen.
  • During the operation a little cut is made on each side of the scrotum so that a small piece of the tubes that carry sperm (vas deferens) can be removed or cut and closed at the ends.

After the operation most men will be a bit sore and bruised and an athletic support should be worn for a week or so after the vasectomy. Warm baths are also very soothing to ease the discomfort.

Contact your doctor should the following occur:

  • bleeding
  • blood clot in or near the testicles
  • bruises, swelling, or tenderness of the scrotum
  • increase in temperature
  • infection
  • noticeable swelling
  • sperm leakage may form temporary small lumps near testicles

You can have sex as soon as you feel like it after the operation. There will still be some sperm left in the tubes that lead to the penis so additional contraceptive methods must be used until tests show no semen left in the tubes. Two semen tests, 2 to 4 weeks apart, are needed about three months after surgery to determine if all the sperm has gone. Two clear tests without any sperm are needed before you can totally rely on your vasectomy without using additional contraception

Vasectomies have a very high effectiveness rate, although it is estimated that about one in 1000 vasectomies fails. Occasionally pregnancies do occur so it is important to have the surgery carried out by a doctor experienced in performing vasectomies.

no need to worry about birth controlrarely reversible
sex is not interruptedsome pain shortly after operation
slight chance of minor infection after surgery
some change their mind and regret not being able to have children

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