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Vibrators are electrical machines powered by batteries (more popular) or plugged into electrical outlets.

  • different sizes and shapes (cylindrical or penis shaped in different diameters and lengths)
  • variable speed controls
  • sometimes come with attachments for different parts of the body
  • AC-powered vibrators (plugged into electrical outlets) must not be used in or with water
  • battery powered vibrators can overheat if used for too long a time.
How to Use
  • The sexual sensations produced by a vibrator can be both intense and rapidly felt and must be used gently on sensitive body tissue.
  • To cut down on the intensity of the sensation a towel may be used between the skin and the vibrator
  • To make the vibrator more comfortable and stimulating try using a water-based lubricant
  • Many sex therapists advise the use of a vibrator for women learning to give themselves orgasms
  • Vibrators may be used them when you are alone or with partners

Sex aids are not necessarily used every time someone has sex.

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