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Water Play

Water is the most therapeutic of all elements, it can lift the spirit and give freedom to body and mind. Having a bath together is a great way to relax before making love.


When sharing a bath, set the mood:

  • By lighting candles
  • By scenting the room with an essential oil, such as Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang and rose which are are soothing and stimulating (use an oil burner).
  • With gentle music turned down low
  • With a deep bathtub full of warm water piled with your favorite bubbles to wash away the tensions of the day along with dirt and grime.

Weekends at health spas allow couples to enjoy:

  • facials
  • mud baths
  • saunas
  • seaweed treatments
  • whirlpools and steam therapies

but you can pamper your partner with some of these treats inexpensively at home.

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