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What is the “G” Spot

The G-Spot is is an area sensitive to stimulation inside the vagina and is the focal point of female sexual arousal, adding pleasure and new sensations.

Unlike men, women can orgasm several different ways:

Existence of the G-Spot

The G-spot is named after Ernst Grafenbergts discoverer who first put forth information regarding this area. Although some doubt remains as to its existence many women have felt intense pleasure by stimulating the sensitive area about 5cm/2 inches inside the vagina towards the front of the body.

The G-spot is said to be the female equivalent of the male prostate gland. Some women have even found that they ejaculate a fluid if they have an orgasm by stimulation of the G-spot, and researchers in Canada and the United States claim that the composition of the fluid is remarkably similar to the secretion of the prostate gland.

There are vibrators designed for g-spot penetration, one such vibrator is the Magic Wand Vibrator by Hitachi. The magic wand G-Spotter attachment is sold seperately.

The G-spot, anatomically, is the area beneath the urethral sponge. This would certainly at least partially explain its role in female ejaculation. It also sheds light on why G-spot stimulation makes some women feel like they have to pee when they really don’t (though it HAS been shown that female ejaculate is NOT urine).

So, since every woman has a urethral sponge, every woman has a G-spot. The only question is whether (#1) she likes having it stimulated and (#2) whether someone has used the proper technique and sufficiently firm pressure on it so that it IS being stimulated. When surveys show that a large percentage of women claim not to enjoy/notice G-spot stimulation, I personally suspect that it is often through concern #2 rather than from concern #1. That’s purely speculative, of course; I have no data to back up that assertion. But anyway, try what I’m describing with some friends of yours and see what you think.

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